Ecopor Technologies Prefer

to guarantee breeder performance and safety

The quest for performance is possible
thanks to research and development

Prefer® is a high technology product. A bi-injection process is used for manufacturing it.

Why is Prefer® an innovative product ? Because, technically speaking, it’s much different from the existing catheters. Prefer® is a biocompatible mono-product.

Prefer® meets the pig farmers’requirements because it’s an efficient tool. When using Prefer®, the sows are not stressed and this results in a higher performance.

Prefer® has been patented in several countries by a law firm specializing in intellectual property in order to protect insemination centres and pig farmers, and to provide them with a very high quality product.

You will reach performance with Prefer®

Nowadays, pig farmers have become company managers. The farms are no longer the ones our parents used to know. They are now much bigger, better equipped. In a word, they are more modern.

Like anyone else, pig farmers want a better life quality. They will get it by working more efficiently. They will do so by decreasing the time spent in their farms.

Modernity has a link with the size of the farm . In farms where there are more than 1000 sows, performance can only be achieved if the staff is motivated. In this case, the organization will be perfect. Otherwise, the animals will suffer and the results won’t be as good as expected.

With Prefer ®, the big farmers will have a tool which will enable the operators to be more efficient. Its goal is to improve the farm organization and to manage the staff more easily. Just try Prefer® to adopt it.

More than 300 production sites in the world use Prefer®, why wouldn’t your customers try the best technologies and do the same?


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