Nutriwean Distriwean

Ecopor Technologies Life Optic

Milk substitute for piglets


Food supplement for piglets
20 kg bag

Formulated for piglets for which the sow doesn’t produce enough milk to meet the nutritional needs of its litter.

  • Milk substitute for piglets
  • Increases the weight of piglets when weaning
  • Increases the number of weaned piglets per sow
  • Allows to supplement supernumerary litters, over 12 piglets and from the second day of living
  • Excellent digestion of protein intake

Nutriwean Distriwean porcelet


Nursery for piglets

In order to help you prepare NUTRIWEAN, we offer DISTRIWEAN, a nursery for piglets.

  • Nursery which can feed up to 44 piglets by using Nutriwean milk. You define the age and the number of piglets and the nursery does the rest with its integrated feeding curve !
  • Very easy to use and to clean
  • Features a warm water boiler and a water pressure valve
  • 7 litre container